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The rules listed below apply to both the Minecraft server and the Discord server. All players are expected to know and follow these rules. If you have any questions on the rules please reach out to Staff.

1. All forms of racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of prejudice are prohibited (Voice, Text channels, DMs) with no exceptions. All cases will result in a permanent ban.

2. Anything erotic or sexual in nature, suggestive sexual content, has sexual context, or is NSFW in any way is forbidden. (Includes usernames, profile pictures, text, voice, DMs, attachments, streams, custom statuses, Game Activity, emojis and reactions) All cases will result in a ban.

3. Talk of politics and other heavy topics is prohibited in all channels. This is a server dedicated to playing games and enjoying our time with friends, and we do not allow heavy or dividing topics to be discussed. First offense after warning will result in a mute.

4. All aspects of Discord TOS must be followed (including but not limited to the age requirement of 13). Jokes about breaking TOS will be treated as facts. Read up here: All cases will result in a warning then if continued, a permanent ban.

5. Criminal behavior (death threats, blackmailing, etc.) is not allowed. Results in a permanent ban. "Kill you" or use of a similar phrase is also considered a death threat and will result in the same punishment. At no point any behavior matching this description will be tolerated. This will result in an immediate permanent ban.

6. Instances of text spam(unless in designate #spam channel) and/or unnecessary pings are not allowed. This includes empty message and overusing of text formatting, as well as the unnecessary usage of the Bots. The use of spoilers to bait other people to believe it is a banned word is also not allowed. First offense will result in a mute.

7. Impersonation of staff members is prohibited. Cases, with few exceptions, will result in a ban.(edited)

8. Unsolicited advertising (through voice, text channels, or DMs) is prohibited unless approved by @Admin or @Community Manager. If user does not follow subject to this rule, it will follow up with a single warning in which will scale up to a ban if continued. Advertising in DMs will be an instant 7 day ban.

9. Accusing someone for breaking rules in public chats is prohibited. Instances of such are considered defamatory. If you have any proof, contact a Staff member privately about it and we will handle the situation accordingly.

10. General toxic behavior is not allowed in any channels. This includes, but is not limited to, ear rape, loud/annoying noises and screams in voice chats and posted audio/video files, spreading slander/lies, and rude, insulting or derogatory language. This will first be met with a warning, scaling up to mute or ban if you do not comply with staff intervention.

11. Disrespect of other users and staff is not allowed. This will first be met with a warning, scaling up to mute or ban if you do not comply with staff intervention.

12. If you have a question, please refer to the follow staff members:
- @Community Manager
- @Admin
- @Moderator

DM the @Head Admin for important matters or if everyone else is unable to help you. For immediate help in the chats ping the @Moderator once. Please refrain from mentioning entire roles, unnecessary pings will be punished according to our guidelines.(edited)

13. Usage of channels that deviate from their purpose is not recommended but will not result in serious punishment. However please refrain talking about other topics in said specified channel.

14. Evading any punishment will also result in a Ban.

15. Rules will be added, modified, and removed without prior notice, so review the rules periodically.
Exploiting rule loopholes is also not allowed, general common sense applies to all rules, and must be reported immediately.

16. If you think a rule is unfair, unnecessary, or needs to be modified, please send a message to @Head Admin via DMs. Admins will look into it internally.

17. Admin are not responsible for any lost items or builds due to normal vanilla means (lag is considered normal vanilla means). Griefing on the other hand will be fixed if possible.

18.All staff decisions are final. This includes situations that may not be listed in the rules.

Our instructions and judgement is final. Please do not go into the text channels and complain about your punishment. If you believe that your punishment is unfair, appeal to @Head Admin via DMs. Illegitimate appeals will be ignored.
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