I would like to be trusted.


New member
Hi. I would like to be trusted. I joined the server on February 6 so I've played on it for almost 2 months now. In those two months, I've played around 115 hours (4 3/4 days) and I've noticed that the community is really kind. I really like this server and would like to be able to be a part of it long term. Going back to the subject if the community, all of the regulars are really nice and joking and I just feel really comfortable being myself around them. I have nothing but good intentions for this server and I can for sure see this server being really huge someday if you (or the owner) chooses to do so. I've done a couple of projects and I'm really looking forward to see the process of 1.17 and how everything comes to be.

I love pretty much everything about the server, from the plugins to the people. I have never had a problem in the server go unsolved. For the most part I have had people help me relatively quickly and I don't mind the restarts because that tells me that the server is getting handled the way it deserves. This to me is just an awesome server. If I'm going to be honest, I was expecting to log on and get killed over and over again like the last two servers i tried before this one. This has been a really pleasant surprise, and it would have been even if I did come into this server with high hopes. I personally think that the server was executed almost perfectly. And this isn't me sucking up to you, I'm just telling you how I feel about the server. I hope I get taken into serious consideration for trusted, but if I don't, no hard feelings. I'll still love the server no matter what. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this and ponder on what I've said. Have a great day!